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#0 March 9th, 19:59

Service has been unstable the last few days

Alright so this last week the service has been very unstable.

It take sme multiple tries to start the rig. it fails to determine best loation a lot, and also fails while "configuring drive".

Rig has also shut down several times while im connected due to a "network error" or something like that.

Right now it is failing to start without any message.

Any reason for this?

Thank you.

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#1 March 10th, 19:49
This issue is persisting.

Worst thing is most times it fails after loading the files, all data is lost.

I woud suggest, ony delete backup when performing a new backup, this way you still wont have 2 backups for the same account and you assure that when there are startup errors or random fails there will still be a backup on the system

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#2 March 11th, 08:58
same dude

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#3 March 15th, 10:32
I have same problem today, @ WrongMan. The service doesn't seem stable and it auto-shuts down after everything being loaded because of "network issue". I feel like it's a Snoost problem, because the internet on my end works just fine.

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#4 March 16th, 04:14
@Raptoriuzz Yes it is almost definitely their problem, since you can disconnect from the rig without turning off. You can restart your PC and maybe even switch networks as long as the 30 min idle timer doesn't shutdown the rig.

So it wouldnt make sense for it to be a problem with your network.

#5 March 16th, 05:16
Hi all,

Just wanted to pop in and say we are taking notes of these recent occurrences. The development team may return to this post and ask a few additional questions. As of now, continue what you're doing and let us know if anything new (not already mentioned here) occurs.

Thanks for your patience.

#6 March 17th, 20:50
Today i have been trying to connect for the last 2 hours. It fails at different steps of the startup.

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#7 March 19th, 11:21
Yesterday the service was unstable. Gotta see how it's today :)

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#8 March 20th, 13:54
Another day of "a network interruption was detected".

I am so sad at this point. :( Can't play without Cloud rig being automatically shut down because internet connection on Snoost part was unstable :(

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#9 March 21st, 23:47
Having the same issues here, won't connect and is constantly having issues...

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#10 March 23rd, 08:32
I think I should start a separate thread about this issue.

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