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#0 September 16th 2017, 22:37

Shutdown and long time to start

I counted and my machine took 25 minutes to be ready, which is a LONG TIME. When I was able to log in, I downloaded the BF4 in 4 minutes at 100mbps (UOOW) but with 5 minutes of start, the machine hung up for no apparent reason and that's it. Currently connected in West US. It's important to say

** It is important to say that most of the time I waited I was queued even with the servers not overloaded. Waiting 30 minutes is complicated.

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Game reviewer
#1 September 17th 2017, 01:42
This is so frustrating. Again, I already lost 3 hours trying to play, since the last post i'm trying................................ now East US. I'm using Parsec Streaming.

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#2 September 17th 2017, 14:39
Hi Marcooliv,

If you don't mind, could you please explain in detail the process or processes that the client is getting hung up on? When you started the game, did the client freeze?

Thank you and we hope to get back with you soon.

Game reviewer
#3 September 17th 2017, 17:16
I get on average 10 minutes in queue. I stay another 5/10 minutes starting network. And between the steps, I never know if I "lost the connection" or if the client crashed, I never know when to close the client or not, anyway. After that, it loads the games, it takes another long time and finally it gets stuck in the final part of establishing a connection, I reboot the client and open the Windows, I open the BF4, and in the loading screen the game crashes, the client hangs and after a while appears "saving". I have 100mbps of fiber optics, it sure is nothing with my connection, even because I got to play 1x.

And everyday is a busy day on snoost? ahhahahaah

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#4 September 17th 2017, 17:22
It sounds like there might have been synchronisation issue with the game files. If a game crashes, this is usually the reason. We are currently working hard on address synchronisation problems, and will do our best to roll out an update with fixes as soon as we can.

Have you tried reinstalling the game (or validating the game file integrity through the launch)? This will ensure that all the required game files are present, and hopefully succeed in the next synchronisation attempt.

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#5 September 17th 2017, 17:33
Yes, I re-downloaded the game 4 times because origin does not find the game on the Z:/ disk.

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#6 September 17th 2017, 17:43
If I use Parsec to play, after 30 minutes the computer will shutdown?

#7 September 17th 2017, 19:10
If I use Parsec to play, after 30 minutes the computer will shutdown? - marcooliv
No, Parsec should work just fine, as long as you keep the Chrome client window open.

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#8 September 21st 2017, 03:07
Well, I still can not play BF4, the game keeps loading forever and I need to restart the machine because I can not simply give a ctrl + alt + del.

#9 November 19th 2017, 22:19
If I use Parsec to play, after 30 minutes the computer will shutdown? - RuneDalton
No, Parsec should work just fine, as long as you keep the Chrome client window open. - marcooliv
The app.snoost, the full stream open or just the client with Windows/Game rectangles?

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#10 November 20th 2017, 05:39

You must download Parsec on the Snoost cloud rig and your computer; once you have downloaded on the rig, you can log in and make the server available. Then, tab out of the stream and download on your computer and connect. This process should all be automatic so the stream shouldn't be shut off.

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#11 November 21st 2017, 22:52
I was asking about Rune's comment about needing the Chrome client open simultaneously. Must the stream be active on the Chrome extension?

#12 November 22nd 2017, 06:37

Yes, you must have the Chrome client (which is your rig) connected to Parsec. Once it's connected, you tab out to your computer and connect there as well. Do not close the extension.

Once you connect on your computer Parsec will automatically connect you to their stream and you will be good to go. No need to worry about any of the streams after this.

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