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#0 January 8th, 22:40

Snoost charged my card even though I cancelled my subscription and emailed support about it

Summary: Snoost charged my credit card without my permission, and I highly recommend you stay away from the free trial unless they address this.

This weekend, I was on day 2 of the free trial period, and decided that I was not going to pay for a Snoost subscription until they figured out the absurd startup times and wrote instructions for how to set up Snoost with gaming controllers. I went to cancel my subscription, and came across errors in the interface that said that "Your subscription has already been cancelled". Frustrated, I emailed support about it, assuming they would be able to fix it before Monday rolled around.


Snoost charged me the $29 for a subscription I didn't want (I wouldn't have gotten the "Full HD" subscription anyway), and was unable to cancel as promised. I'm now posting here, and I emailed all of the Snoost customer support emails, in the hopes that someone will deal with this and issue me a refund.

If I don't get a response, I have to assume Snoost is a scam, and I will try to get my bank to cancel the transaction. Hopefully this is just a matter of a bug in the interface, and poor response time for customer support, but if not, I will be forced to go elsewhere to warn others about the scam.

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#2 January 9th, 01:25
Hi there Swagger,

I'm sorry to hear you were charged for a subscription after cancelling the trial, and I thank you for your inquiry here on the boards to get this matter addressed. The developers have been extremely busy working on a few fixes regarding our server infrastructure and have fallen behind on customer support inquiries. I will most definitely bring up your case to the developers so we can resolve it in a timely manner.

We will get in touch through email as billing matters are too sensitive to be discussed here in the public domain. Please give us some additional time to process your refund and respond.

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