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Game reviewer
#0 January 29th, 11:53

Snoost ignores billing emails

I've already sent Snoost two emails becaused they charged 9.99€ during trial without refunding it yet to me, but I haven't had an answer yet.

This is a friendly post to give them an opportunity to explain why they are ignoring users' billing issues, or I will proceed to take a legal way to recover my money back.

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#1 January 29th, 18:47
I've been waiting almost a month. sent 5 emails and made a post on here. this service is 100% a scam, nobody who was charged has been refunded so far. i would go to your bank as soon as possible to try to get a refund

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#2 January 29th, 18:53
and they removed my thread so yours is probably going to be removed soon too

#3 January 29th, 20:07
@Scandz Im sorry.. no one? someone here has gotten a refund about 20 days after contacting support.

If this was a scam the service wouldn't work 99% of the time. and this past week it HAS worked about 90% of the time, so dont be so quick to yell scam.

NExt thing you'l be saying snoost hijacked that account just to post that it has been refunded? xD oh man...

Game reviewer
#4 January 30th, 07:34
No response to my billing mails for a month. Perhaps not scam, but not straight shooters either.

#5 January 30th, 14:36
@hennogous yeah man i feel you. But i think most people, when they think of snoost they imagine a company with 9h to 5h employees, in an office building, when in reality its probably just 3 or 4 guys working from home on their free time.

And people expect an amazon-quality customer support plus bug fixes, plus a fully working alpha service, responses to thousands of emails, and a whole lot of stuff that is hard for them to keep up with.

So while i feel your pain when you can't cancel a membership, or get charged after canceling, or get no response about refunds or can't get the service to work properly, i also feel their pain of how overwhelming it must be to be on their position.

Game reviewer
#6 January 30th, 15:15
@WrongMan, one would expect the cost they're charging to reflect the level of support one can expect. For around $45/m, I would expect at least some response to a single mail about a billing issue on less than 30 days... specifically if they on their own website state that the response time for [email protected] is < 24h.

Don't promise those levels of service then... it raises false expectations. Rather say:

Response time for billing mails: N/A

#7 January 30th, 15:33
@hennogous you are absolutely right about that! They are *** the bed (pardon my expression) on the customer service side of their service, they should have posted an announcement about this, or in that same page you mentioned say something about the response times as of late (even something as simple as: "as of december 2017 due to the ammount of emails received we are unable to comply with the 24hr expected waiting period").

I just can't stand people "yelling" scam at something that actually works. Scams dont work!

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Game reviewer
#8 January 30th, 15:41
Sure, I wouldn't say I'm accusing them of being a scammy company... yet.

At the moment I'll stick to that they are happy to take someone's money, without then living up to much of the expectation around the service one can then expect for that money.

No start-up wants to be known for that kind of mentality.

#9 January 30th, 15:45
@hennogous if you look at the example post i gave above, that dude got a refund without even getting an email response. I really want to believe they are trying their best to respond to all you guys, and give you your money back! Hope you get it all resolved, and if they do/don't refund you please update the community.

#10 January 30th, 18:32
@WrongMan Your argument that because they refunded one person, they're going to be refunding everyone is rediculous. and yes, the fact that they're receiving a lot of emails is a valid reason to have a slightly longer delay than usual, but when you get to the point where people are going weeks without a response, you would expect a company with a customer base of their size to outsource their support untill all the issues are resolved, because they CAN afford to do that. and regarding your "it works so It can't possibly be a scam" statement, I can name many companies that did what they claimed to do at one point then decided to run with people's money when things didn't go their way, and so far, snoost is following the exact same path as all of those companies did (complete silence besides a few forum moderator posts, removing threads by people asking where their money is, ignoring any billing related emails and giving no valid reason why the issues aren't being resolved), so is it really such a big stretch to assume this company is going to do the same thing?

#11 January 30th, 19:17
@Scandz ok this is the last time I'll be replying to these posts because its not my job to defend snoost, as i said they are doing a crappy job with costumer service, and I'm tired of responding to this topic.

About the "... they refunded one person, they're going to be refunding everyone is rediculous... " i could argue that: just because some other companies ran with the money, like you said, saying this one will do the same is ridiculous.

What they can or can't afford to do we don't know. We have no idea how many subscribers there are, or the costs of running the service, and ive addressed this in the open letter call for transparency.

This said, i am not saying you are not right to be worried, you definitely are. And because of all you guys I have protected myself and gave them a credit card that has no more than the subscription value for their service each month.

Scam is when someone sells you something that does not work ( does not function as promised). "Running" with your money is more like theft or fraud.

Finally like i said before if you believe you were scammed or stolen from you can contact your bank directly and they have a moral and legal (at least where I'm from) obligation to protect you.

#12 February 1st, 01:30
I'm that guy, who wrote about the refund. And honestly, I have no idea how refund should look like. Here is the screenshot (Contains some polish words). The reason translates as "Return of unfinished transaction". Is this somehow connected to refund?

#13 February 6th, 06:38
Snoost is a scam. Tired of hearing justifications; they took my money without my permission, and without delivering a service that worked as expected. They have lied throughout the whole process about responses and refunds. Whether or not that was part of their business model originally, it is now. They're making money off of broke kids because it's hard to dispute debit card transactions.

#14 February 9th, 14:18
Any of you guys has any news on the refunds?

#15 February 9th, 15:22
@WrongMan no.

Game reviewer
#16 February 12th, 20:51
Nope, giving up with these guys... they should be ashamed.

Game reviewer
#17 February 12th, 21:06
Just received a response. They do have the nerve to at this point refuse my refund, but at least it's a response.

#18 February 13th, 15:17
@hennogous are you serious? What was the reason for refusing the refund?

Game reviewer
#19 February 13th, 15:41
Basically, two days into my first paid month they had those issues with drive content not being saved, etc. So, I cancelled, expecting to be refunded given that it was two days into the month and they were clearly having issues and not able to hold up their end of the service agreement. That however assumes a decent approach to customer service, which clearly isn't the case for Snoost.

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#20 February 13th, 16:12
@hennogous oh man, that sucks! Sorry to hear about it, can you at least use the remainder of the month?

Game reviewer
#21 February 13th, 16:14
It was January, and I deliberately didn't use it beyond the first two days to ensure that I got refunded. Too bad, money gone.

#22 February 13th, 18:11
Ive never had problems, you agreed to the terms of service apon purchase so you cant be refunded

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