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#0 February 19th, 23:26

Snoost Is Blurry

My display is blurry when I use snoost

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#1 February 20th, 09:03
Hi KingArden23,

There are a few possible causes for a blurry screen when using Snoost. Firstly, you may not be fulfilling our minimum specifications for use, specifically data speed recommendations. For the best possible user experience, 10MBPS is suggested minimum.

Secondly, you may have simply selected one of our lower bandwidth plans. We offer a standard definition plan, which would have some fragmentation or blurriness. I would recommend you try a higher definition plan (high definition or higher) 720, and 1080 are available.

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#2 February 20th, 16:34
I have subscribed for the HD plan and my data speed is 40 mbps

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#3 February 20th, 16:49
Also, my mic doesnt work whenever i try to use it

#4 February 21st, 03:43
Are all background programs closed on your native desktop while using Snoost? With your data speed and plan selection you should not see hardly any fragmentation or blurriness.

I will get in touch with the developers and see what else this could be.

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#5 February 21st, 04:43
@Curivity I will try and see if this works. Thanks for your help.

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#6 February 21st, 05:30
Yeah It doesnt work @Curivity

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#7 February 21st, 05:39

#8 February 21st, 11:39
Are you on wifi or cable?

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#9 February 21st, 18:12
@WrongMan Wifi

#10 February 21st, 19:41
@KingArden23 that is probably the issue. Check for wifi channel overlap.

Can you try cable connection?

Edit: Also, not sure if this will help but you can you try this if you are on laptop: close chrome and snoost app, right click chrome shortcut and open with dedicated graphics (or something like that), see if that helps.

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#11 February 21st, 20:05
@WrongMan how do i do that?

#12 February 21st, 21:58
@KingArden23 you can download an app to your smartphone, just search for wifi analyzer, i use the one by zoltan pallagi, then go to the channel tab. It shows the channels beeing used by networks around you, if you see many overlapping networks with your own network it means more interference and worse wifi signal. You can change the channel you use on your router's settings page.

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#13 February 22nd, 01:33
@WrongMan My wifi is 40 mbs+

#14 February 22nd, 03:00
@KingArden23 that doesn't really matter... If you have interference from neighbouring networks.

Its like 10 radio stations transmitting at the same frequency, you wont be able to hear about thing - its the same for wifi, what's worse its there are only 13 available frequencies and they can interfere with each other.

Edit: look at my surrounding networks:

You see how they are all overlapping and/or transmitting on the same channels? That is very bad for wifi performance...

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