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#0 January 17th, 06:01

Snoost is SCAMMING me and charged my card ILLEGALLY ($60 in a month)

In this post: I already summarized my problem.

The forum user "Curivity" responded by closing the topic since "billing matters are too sensitive to be discussed here in the public domain."

They have been using similar language to shut down other users who have billing problems on the forums. Let me be very clear: I did NOT post my credit card number or ANY personally identifiable information. So they are just using it as an excuse to censor me. Curivity also assured me that they would respond to me over email, which they haven't.

Other users are having similar problems, eg.

I resolved to go see my bank about the issue, but unfortunately because of MLK day, today was to be the first day the bank would be open. Then, in light of the upcoming snowstorm I had to make a hasty return to my school where I live, so as not to get stuck away from campus. So I didn't have time to visit the bank today.

This weekend, a new charge materialized on my account. Another - $29.97 from Snoost. At first I thought it had something to do with the weekend "pending" charge, and the charge was just showing up twice or something. But nope, Snoost charged me twice. Yes, SNOOST CHARGED ME $60 this month, the first charge unwanted and maybe technically attributable to a bug, but the second charge almost certainly illegal. You are offering a monthly service, and you charged me twice in the same month, on Jan 12 and 14.

The following screenshot has my credit card #, and any personal information BLURRED OUT so don't censor it:

Snoost, this is your last chance. I have documentation and screenshots of all of this. Please refund BOTH charges from my credit card, so I don't have to waste any more time than I already have with your flawed service and customer support.

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#1 January 17th, 06:26
UPDATE: They finally fixed the bug where you can't cancel your subscription or remove your card, so I did that. But I'm still $60 and several hours short. I STILL need my REFUND.

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#2 January 17th, 07:03
@swagger +1 swagger good boy :P

#3 January 17th, 15:19
@swagger Have you tried contacting your bank and disputing the transaction?

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