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#0 January 18th, 14:52

Snoost Performance Review

Im getting 66 ms ping to the service , i experience lag where i can't play high action demanding games as controls delays a bit too much any plans on really central europe servers? the machine I'm connected to everytime is frankfurt which is not central europe in my opinion . Another issue i was having with my trial is that 8/10 of my sessions were disconnected saying trial suspended due suspicious usage or something like that even if i had done nothing wrong just playing watch dogs via uplay and using browser but thats not all the server startup time were high and 5/10 would require to reconnect and even if that i saved my game on the specified location would still not be saved after reconnecting to the service . I canceled my trial on the frist day i taked it hope the trial money pending charge would disappear and not be charged ,,mistakenly,, like other people in here complaining . Edit:My trial hasn't been refunded from pending charged they actually taked the money as it shows processed . snoost is 100% scam

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#1 January 19th, 07:25
Hi there eltaer,

Firstly, I am awaiting the developers' response to these issues you have been describing including the charge issues and continuing work on fixes for the save issues. I have not heard back yet, so please be patient. In the meantime, if you still have access to your server, you can try Parsec. Many users including myself have had great success using Parsec to reduce input lag. If you need instructions please let me know.

Thank you again for your continued patience and please keep an eye out for updates from either me or the developers.

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#2 January 19th, 09:13
@Curivity I really hope they fix this issues as with some other concurent of snoost won't give name I have no lag (I get like 50 ms) and it's also without parsec, I'm also having to point about that I contacted costumer support including billing department and still have not received any reply in the designated time so there is another con right there, the service is good priced against the competitors but if a new provider will offer better pricing snoost will bite the dust in the current status. The only thing that made me sign up was the unlimited gametime so don't ever change that :)

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#3 January 20th, 00:44
Hi again eltaer,

Thank you for your comments. I can tell you we are working on responding to these emails on a case-by-case basis and it takes time. Please be patient and you will be refunded. Thank you!

#4 January 21st, 10:32
My trial ended i received no email that my trial ended , how do i know that 100% my trial ended? it says resume account instead of resume trial ... tough the pending charge still didn't disappeared as in the sign up page says you won't be charged its a lie you do get charged ( in some forum by mod or staff says like 1 euro in some others full sums even the staff dosent ,,know,, exactly)and when you read forums or next steps you need to verify in case of fraud adding credit card but also saying if trial ends you get money back autmaticly which is also not true it seems - false advertisement . Being near one week and having no response from snoost staff and reading others threads about payment and trials and mistakens charges i do really believe snoost is a scam in a way of other i will be contacting my bank tomorrow letting them know about the charge and you're company , i willl also contact you're payment processor stripe and Federal Computer Crime Unit Police in Brussel ( as i live there most of the time ) letting them know about you're frauds .And no I'm not gonna wait another weeks for a response because then its too late to chargeback you guys so playing silent dosent work.

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#5 January 21st, 11:48
@Curivity hi. Can uplease tell me prices for the parsec connections? I cant find. Thanks.

#6 January 21st, 11:56
@Curivity what about using steam as a connection between snoost and my pc?

#7 January 21st, 13:37
@sergiileonov don't bother overcomplicating you're experience you will mostly be likely scammed. A company that relies on third party companies to deliver their service and can't answer in one week to support or billing mails is a joke.

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#8 January 21st, 16:43
@eltaer any alternatives? Lets remember that its an alpha. I hope that they will improve the service. I tried liquidsky and paperspace and they are quite laggy. I tried snoost's trial. It went quite well, but i'm no shure now about activation membership yet.

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#9 January 21st, 17:22
@sergiileonov theres currently an service in beta also which is free no cc required but i can't give its name due forum rules . Main problem with snoost is non existent costumer support and dubious charges , false advertisement and trial , yes works better than liquid sky but theres better alternatives tough worse prices lets wait for that service to launch and compare if snoost fix its issues would be the best cloud gaming service but in the current state snoost would bite the dust if that competitor or other goes unlimited and better or same pricing .

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#10 January 22nd, 13:51
@eltaer what is the price for using parsec or its free?

#11 January 22nd, 13:54
@sergiileonov Parsec for now its free.

#12 January 22nd, 13:57
@eltaer ok, thanks. Have to try!

#13 January 23rd, 02:57
@eltaer really? i checked it out and you have to rent a cloud rig and pay for your gaming time, storage, etc...

#14 January 23rd, 08:11
My trial hasn't been refunded from pending charged they actually taked the money. Edit :snoost is 100% scam

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#15 January 23rd, 08:42
@eltaer but did they charge you after 3 days you activated ur trial? Its written in the rules, that u will be charged automatically if u dont delete ur payment card.

#16 January 23rd, 09:25
@sergiileonov i did deleted my payment card , they charged me as pending charge when i activated my trial but i didn't like my experience and canceled my trial after few hours . Now the pending charge is processed aka they taked the money.

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#17 January 23rd, 14:08
@eltaer i hope they will give u refund. They should, actually! Lets be in touch about this. Write please, when u'll get it.

#18 January 23rd, 17:56
@sergiileonov well there's nothing more to do with snoost staff to offer refund my bank initiated an charge back for the payment, tough it may take a while hope snoost won't charge me next month without permission because then I will have to go to bank to change my card also...

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#19 January 23rd, 17:58
They still also nowhere to be found at least to my case neither billing or support responds to their mail

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#21 January 30th, 13:54
@eltaer did u get ur money back or any response about ur issues?

#22 February 8th, 11:22
@eltaer did u get ur money back or any response about ur issues? - sergiileonov
No snoost still didn't responded to me , and my bank still didn't taken my money back takes 30 days ....i hate banks in my country...

#23 February 8th, 11:52
@eltaer where are u from? Looks like devs dissapeared.... No posts anywhere, no comments... I have so big hopes for this project!

#24 February 11th, 14:17
I am from Eastern Europe. Yeah staff seems dead and service issues being not fixed.

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