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#0 December 3rd 2017, 21:52

Starting gaming rig (~3 min) ends up never loading

Snoost was working fine for me as long as I was using free trial. Once I actually paid for a plan, I get stuck that this 'Starting gaming rig (~3 min)' thing and it never loads. I walked away, let it sit for 20 minutes, tried restarting a bunch of times, reinstalled chrome and chrome Snoost app, etc etc etc. I'm actually furious, this is my day off and I've spent a good 2 hours totally frustrated. Right now I have zero confidence in Snoost, and feel that they only give you good service while you're in the 'free trial' portion of membership.

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#1 December 4th 2017, 02:07
Hi Calvinis,

We are aware of this stuck process and are working on a fix as soon as possible. I sincerely apologize in regards to this situation. Please check back soon for more information.

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#2 December 4th 2017, 04:16
This is resolved. Switched to cloud gaming and it works like a dream, Mac or PC. No in-browser controller support, however. Snoost would be great if it worked.

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#3 December 7th 2017, 18:43
I feel I've been too hard on Snoost. Obviously, my hardware setup is not the best in the world, and so I should not be surprised that I'm having issues. But here's my problem: Cloud-based gaming platforms are specifically targeted at those who DONT have insane hardware. The idea is, you can use a chromebook or something like that to play insanely powerful games remotely. So these platforms should work well even when the player is using a pretty weak machine. (I use a machine with an Intel i7 processor, btw, but it still can't handle Divinity II). I've been using, it's OK if (and thats a big IF) you have a really good internet connection. If you don't, you keep getting disconnected. They have a ping test on their website, so that helps. Vortex doesn't require that your games download/load on a virtual console, they just have the games pre-loaded - but you can't play any game you want. So you need to search on their site I guess to see. I'm not a rep for, I just like it better than snoost for now. But cloud-based gaming IS the future, I believe. Technology will keep moving too fast for everyone to keep buying new rigs every two years.

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