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#0 August 21st, 21:03

Status: Saving bug

Is there any known fixes to the infinite Status Saving issue?

My Status Saving loop started when i booted up my rig, not when exiting.

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#1 August 21st, 21:34
It's not even suppose to save on start so idk what is going on

#2 August 21st, 21:39
@LordDamionDevil That's exactly what i thought, i was hoping others had this issue and found a way to fix it. I might need to contact support.

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#3 August 21st, 21:50
@madmax You're best off contacting support for that

#4 August 22nd, 19:33
Hi guys; Just wanted to let you know that we are working to solve this issue. If it saved right after booting, it might have been because it needed to finish up a synchronisation from an earlier session (which required it to turnoff to complete). Of course, this isn't supposed to happen, so we're definitely onto fixing the bug. :)

Showing 1-4 of 4 comments