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#0 December 28th 2017, 23:39

steam client is missing

Any one have experienced the same issue? when i log in to the rig the steam clint is not installed

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#1 December 28th 2017, 23:55
seen that today. D drive is empty, no steam shortcut. Also seen existing shortcut leading to same empty D drive steam folder.

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#2 December 29th 2017, 11:08
Yep, same issue here.

#3 December 29th 2017, 14:33
Same issue, the startup doesn't load any files at all for me

#4 December 30th 2017, 03:18
We are taking note of these occurrences and are investigating. Thank you for your reports.

#5 December 30th 2017, 11:16
Every-time i logout & log back in my D Drive has been wiped.

3 Times over the past 24 hours i've had to reinstall everything.

Showing 1-5 of 5 comments