Hello Snoosters,

We at Snoost have decided to make a 'sticky' troubleshooting thread with reported, temporary solutions for some known issues.

Rest assured that we are working on permanent solutions for the issues that are reported, but many of you from the community have shared temporary solutions that worked for you, so we thought it would beneficial to share these until a patch resolving the issues is released.

Hopefully this sticky will make it easier to find temporary solutions to known problems. We will regularly update the sticky to include new solutions offered by both us and you, which means that any temporary solutions to problems are greatly appreciated in the comments.

We at Snoost thank you for all your help, feedback and patience.

1. Issue: I am stuck at 'Establishing Connection' or having other similar problems (such as pairing with rig):

Users sometimes experience getting stuck on 'establishing connection' or other stages when starting up their rig.

Reported, temporary solution:

  • Close the Chrome client and reopen it again (to restart the client: close the popup window and press the “open cloud rig” button from https://app.snoost.com/. Try it a couple of times if needed. This should force the connection through (and don't worry, the server will still continue booting up, it does not start over again).

2. Issue: Savegames disappearing

Users have reported missing savegames the next time they start up their rig (despite being correctly loaded on the D-drive)

Reported, temporary solutions:

  • The issue sometimes occur if the file uploaded exceeds the server provider's data limit. If this is the case, you should be able to fix it by going to your steam library, right click on the game, go to 'properties' and under the 'local files' tab press 'Verify integrity of game files'
  • Many games have the option to save in cloud storage. Steam also provides this service by default. Make sure enable this for your savegames in order to have an online backup.

3. Issue: 'Status: Saving' on rig startup or missing installed games (even though they were correctly installed on the D-drive)

Users have encountered a message saying 'Status: Saving' when starting up the rig or are missing games from the D-drive.

Reported, temporary solution:

  • Both issues are related and occur at rare instances where the cloud gaming server momentarily loses connection while executing a multipart upload of a particularly large game file. If users experience this, the fix is simply to re-install the required/missing files by either "Verifying game file integrity" in Steam, or re-installing the game. The developers at Snoost are currently working hard on a more long term solution, which will indefinitely fix the problem.

4. Issue: Unable to open Steam from Windows

Users have reported that nothing happens when clicking the Steam icon from the Windows desktop.

Reported, temporary solution:

  • Close the Steam process in task manager and open it again (From personal experience this is not a Snoost bug, but a known bug with Steam itself).

5. Issue: Game freezes or audio drops

Users have reported situations where the game freezes or audio suddenly drops.

Reported, temporary solution:

  • If you encounter game freezes or audio drops, try closing the Chrome client and reopen it again (to restart the client: close the popup window and press the “open cloud rig” button from https://app.snoost.com/). This will not shut down your game. You probably lost connection for a short while, and restarting the client will force the connection through.

6. Issues related to billing:

Various issues with card validation, payment etc.


  • If you have any problems with billing, we recommend that you contact the billing department. As the problem is often an individual problem with card validation, the communication needs to be private.

As mentioned above, rest assured that we are working on permanent solutions to these problems. And again, thank you for you patience. Also, if you have temporary solutions to issues we would appreciate a comment below.

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