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#0 February 20th, 17:34

Stuck at Loading Games Please Help!

I just got snoost and after first install it worked perfect for a straight hour. I got off to download parsec to help with input lag. Now every time I start snoost it goes through check list and stops at 0.80GB and is stuck on “loading games” I’ve tried restarting, closing it, reinstalling snoost extension and it still is stuck. Been like this for last 2 hours now.

Also I got parsec installed and it works perfect with snoost expect I get major echo. How can I get rid of the echo in game while using snoost and parsec?? Please help me!

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#1 February 21st, 15:09
for the echo just use your client pc volume mixer to mute chrome or parsec. About the loading games bit, i too am in the same boat, it has been 3 hours...

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#2 February 22nd, 03:32
Am currently stuck on Loading Games stage as well.

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