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#0 August 18th, 08:55

Stuck at "Status: Saving"

First day of trial, all works great, almost no lag or so, great service, thumb-up (waiting for storage expanding :) ). Then, at night, i closed the game, and shutdown the machine. But now, in the morning, i stuck at loading with message "Status: Saving", any idea? May i some how "reset" the machine to force boot? I don't mind to lose any data, since downloading games happened super fast.

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#1 August 20th, 17:23
Apologies for the delayed reply.

Thanks for the nice words! We're glad you like the service and are satisfied for the minimum lag/latency. :-)

I looked at our logs, and it looks like the cloud rig started saving right when we initiated some maintenance work, which caused it to somehow stall. Sorry for the inconvenience caused by this. It should work again now. :-)

#2 August 20th, 18:37
@RuneDalton Yeah, all work great now, thank for the reply! :)

Showing 1-2 of 2 comments