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#0 January 13th, 04:21

Stuck Loading Games 0.01 GB per hour??????

The issue occured after being randomly assigned to Central Europe instead of my normal more 'local' area US-East. The D Drive only populates with 0.01 GB per hour. I'm completely serious.

Why is Snoost often completely unplayable on certain Fridays?

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#1 January 13th, 05:13
0.79 GB loaded ....2 hours later 0.81 GB ....please help. Eventually it even resets and gets stuck at 0.79-0.80 GB every time

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#2 January 13th, 05:51
A manual time out or similar to reset these stuck recursive startups should be in my opinion among your top priorities under consideration to improve user quality of life. No amount of startup time reduction through optimization or fixes has remedied a glitch that makes startups take 6-8 hours to 3 days without a reset button (even a temporary way to trigger a timeout during alpha testing would be amazing). If you plan to make the system identify startups for timeout automatically please proceed with extreme caution. The potential of being arbitrarily locked out from even powering on a rig would just be another nightmare similar to being stuck in the startup limbo right now.

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#3 January 13th, 06:30
Dude, i get same problem :(

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#4 January 13th, 06:51
I Opened it but it's still loading here.

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#5 January 13th, 06:52

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#6 January 14th, 00:19
having same problem often

#7 January 14th, 20:00
Same issue here. Huge shame, the service was finally beginning to work fine. Worked very well as early as three days ago

#8 January 21st, 00:16
Same issue here. Does anyone have a solution ? Are we going to have more days of trial ? I'm not going to pay for something that's not working

#9 January 21st, 16:20
Have you tried closing everything and waiting half an hour to reset connection?

#10 January 25th, 06:22
The problem was the reset or 'graceful' timeout did not occur well after closing everything. Waiting 30 minutes, hours, or 2-3 days for a time out due to some unexpected issue is insane whether a pairing issue, startup difficulty, etc was what caused whatever was going on. I can't imagine any active feedback or benefit provided by adding an extended waiting process. A lot of issues I've posted about more recently actually involve the server never timing out my session at all after an unexpected hang of some kind (I'm guessing because in some cases it never detects there is a problem or never flags that something is stuck keeping the startup or cloud rig open in some way). That's why I suggested a button to request a expedited time out in the first place as a kind of last resort when one never happens at all due to the unforeseen. This might also help to flag problems that have escaped detection already for fixes in the future. I think it’s difficult to troubleshoot problems we are having without asking, polling and listening to us (trial, subscribers, new & old alike). My fear is that data alone or posts lost on the growing sea of the community forums uncoordinated from real flagged events might lead to counter intuitive or undesirable solutions (for example a startup fix for hangs that could potentially block access to a cloud rig entirely by completely preventing startup). From my own perspective I actually feel discouraged from diagnostic dialogue when the number of reports basically beg for the simplest of fixes to be put place to address service disruptions that are excessive to deal with in repeat even before a more substantial fix. I've actually probably had a stuck cloud rig either active or in startup take more than 3 days to timeout with everything closed. It's pretty jarring to attempt to restart after a problem days after only for a timeout not to have happened with nothing I can do as a user about it. (other than wait for the stars to align and everything to be as it should; I don't care for the recipe). I’d prefer if there were something more actionable I could do to remedy a road block that locks me out of the service for hours to days (such as the button I mentioned or other solution) rather than tweaks that could cause time outs during the middle of gameplay or worse yet being locked out entirely. Being disconnected in the middle of gameplay as mistakenly idle has been thankfully rarer from personal experience and a good sign of change to not backtrack on. The only time my gaming is interrupted now is due to a rogue pairing issue the cloud rig can't recover from. 
TL;DJ There needs for be a way for us to communicate to the servers “There is a problem here. Please time me out to resolve this and flag what has happened immediately” especially as the 30 minute time out may not occur in many instances in startup or during a pairing issue on an active cloud rig gaming session. A reasonable, accessible ‘reset’ button to time out the flag the problem so we can power on again. Or something similar!

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#11 January 25th, 06:37
Great Idea Kenn!

#12 January 25th, 20:12
Some more advanced monitoring and admin controls would be quite welcome. And are absolutely necessary if the service is going to be as fragile and unpredictable as it is.

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#13 January 27th, 22:01
I'm also stuck at "Loading Games". It's been running for about 5 hours so far. It's disappointing to see that it's run like this for 2-3 days for other users. I would also appreciate a button to kill the server and try again. It's clearly stuck and there isn't anything I can do other than email technical support (which can also take 48 hours).

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