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#0 July 13th 2017, 20:51

Timed-out after 30 mins

Unfortunately , cannot use the rig more than 30 minutes while I'm being active.

Rig interrupts my activity (browsing, desktop surfing) and goes into "Saving" mode. A lot of my potential usage time is wasted. Lately, I even avoid using the service.

Issues started around 2 weeks ago, but now the shutdown/ timed-out became more aggressive.

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#1 July 13th 2017, 22:27
Getting timed-out due to trying to use VPN by any chance? Client being more aggressive in this scenario?

Recently, I cannot even get VPN to work (TeamViewer & ZeroTier) - 0 ms between my PC & Rig.

#2 July 14th 2017, 10:29
@GoldBuck Hmm... It's odd. Are you activating the VPN on the cloud rig itself, or are you just connecting to the cloud rig through a VPN?

#3 July 14th 2017, 11:05
I'm creating a private VPN bridge between my PC and the cloud Rig. TeamViewer & ZeroTier might install a sperate network adapter on the Rig, because I am asked if I want to make the Rig available to the new network.

I use VPN because I really need Steam In-Home Streaming's better software decoding. Snoost Client hardware decoding is really not great for me unfortunately.

Last week, Rig was shutdown automatically while using (no VPN) & also while leaving the Snoost Client opened in the dashboard.

#4 July 15th 2017, 10:34
Last night was ok using client only. Strangely it's hard to reproduce and I get different behavior depending on the instance my Rig syncs to - I have around #3 C:\ backups that alternate.

I tend to think time-out gets triggered by VPN, though VPN also works/doesn't work depending on to what session my Rig syncs to (explained above).

#5 July 15th 2017, 21:33
Now after I finally got to "Updating Steam", came back after another 5 mins and saw the "Status: Saving" message.

#6 July 15th 2017, 21:34
@GoldBuck Have you tried opening multiple instances of the client? I almost always end up doing that as the first instance gets stuck on "Connecting" or whatever it's called.

Showing 1-6 of 6 comments