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#0 February 25th, 01:23

To all who wants to take a free trial

I have spent 4 hours just to log in to my rig, unsuccessfully.

I strongly advice to use another cloud provider.

This service is completely unusable, it does not start at all. It takes 20 minutes to start a rig and after you can't log into windows. Product on this stage cant even be called ALPHA, it's FULLY-PAID PROTOTYPE.

Many people here warn about free trials, that they ACTUALLY CHARGE YOU on trial.

SInce I have entered my card (4hrs ago) I dont see any charges, and I have already cancelled my subscription.

But if they suddenly will charge me, I will sue them to hell.

Snoost is a small startup in Denmark with 3 employees (listed in LInkedIn), so do not expect any customer support.

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#1 February 25th, 08:06
Noone charged me on my free trial. It was on pending request.

Everything worked fine for an Alpha during my free trial, so I decided to pay further. Using Snoost for 15 days overall right now and I am happy.

If if didn't work for you, doesn't mean it's s***.

The only problem here is how to get my mic to work, but I've seen a short text guide on Parsec so there should be workaround and I am gonna try/test it.

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#2 February 25th, 17:31
This is not an accurate depiction of the service.

I have been using the service for over one month and the average rig startup time is 30 min.

The rig had problems starting up for me twice. Once loading the files, and the second time was a known issue that happens (sometimes) when two rig requests are made at exactly the same time. These issues caused the rig loading time to take over two hours.

I am able to play nonstop for 6+ hours.

About the charges during trial, this happens when you use a card that does not accept pending charges, a debit card for example.

I believe these stats are pretty good for an alpha service.

So i ask any potential new users to try it for themselves, do not let a few unsatisfied users scare you away, there are tons of happy users that do not use the forums, and obviously every unsatisfied user uses the forums to complain.

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#3 February 25th, 17:42
@WrongMan, I am using Snoost for 2 weeks already, and I am super happy about it!

So, I am a happy user on the forums ;)

Game reviewer
#4 March 2nd, 18:08

I've started with Snoost in October 17. And in general I am satisfied.

There are bugs, long loading time and lack of user support. But if u invest time in learning small tricks to use during rig startup, rig utilization and etc you will be having a reliable gaming for much lower cost than any other providers I know of (using Snoost is very rewarding for those who play a lot - other services will make you pay for those extra hours that are not within your prepaid package while Snoost will not).

They are small team and that's a risk. However they did a good job with such resources.

#5 March 3rd, 22:35
@B1ameMeNot so can you tell about small tricks?)

Game reviewer
#6 March 5th, 18:42
I'm going to start by saying that the service is not 100% perfect it does have it's flaws, and problems from time to time. Respectfully I disagree with your comments, the service does work and I had half a days usage on it today with no proper issues and I've played Minecraft, DayZ and 7 days to die.

It still has a long way to go as a service and there are things that need to be looked into further and fixed but the service does work.. it requires patience and also meeting the requirements to use the service.. the good thing about Snoost is, it operates using google and mostly depends on your internet speed and not your own physical hardware.

For a small team they are doing very well.

(This is aimed at the original poster)

Game reviewer
#7 March 5th, 18:43
Just to correct myself a little google chrome not google alone..

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