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#0 July 3rd, 23:21

Trial suspended, what now?

I've recently received and extra 3 days plus a week of free use beucase i've enter my billing informations. Though i am now blocked by this message saying "trial suspended because of suspicious activity " and the fact that i've entered my card has not be recognised at all as the screen keep popping up the " You trial has expired, buy subscription" task.

What to do now?

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#1 July 4th, 15:18
I was logged in with the wrong account, did not know....

#2 July 5th, 09:18
@RiverJumper Sorry for the late reply. Just to avoid misunderstanding, did you get to sign in again? :)

In regards to the "trial suspended" then that is an automatic mechanism on the cloud gaming servers, which secures the servers against any violation of our terms. If you believe it was a mistake, we would be happy to investigate it, and - if necessary - change the algorithms accordingly.

Thank you. :)

#3 August 2nd, 17:23
same issue here it says im suspended even after i added payment details

#4 August 2nd, 17:47
@snootlover try to log out from the snoost panel ( not chrome) and see if you are logged in with the correct account

#5 August 2nd, 18:18
@RiverJumper that worked odd i tried it once before and it did not work but oh well thx for your help

Showing 1-5 of 5 comments