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#0 January 28th, 16:06

Trouble with mouse moving

Hey there,

currently I'm testing snoost because I used to play over another cloud gaming provider but it's performance was weak trying titles like Senuas Sacrifice, so I decided to test Snoost! It's alpha and the client software is a little instable but at the end... the performance ingame was much better than I experienced it at the other provider, so I like to stay but have one problem which blocks me from subscribing :-)

After starting the rig and moving the cursor on the desktop, it always repeats it's movement. Its like getting some milliseconds back from the stream... And it seems just to happen while moving the cursor because any cutscene ingame runs smooth.

Do you have ideas how I can solve the problem?

Thanks a lot! anxious

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#1 January 28th, 18:52
Updating to the latest chrome version usually works, update to the beta version if you are already on the latest. If that fails, parsec should do the trick. Good games to you sir!

Game reviewer
#2 February 3rd, 18:42
I had the same problem and used Beta Chrome like WrongMan said and it seems to work better now

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