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#0 August 22nd 2017, 22:20

Unable to pair with rig

Hi guys,

Wicked idea and implementation, I'm loving it so far - especially the linux support!

I am, however, having issues getting connected to my Cloud Rig. I have launched it through the chrome extension and website, it gets to updating steam and then borks. This is where the "failure to pair with rig" happens. The Snoost connector app trys to connect to the rig forever, without much of any error output. Each attempt takes 20-25 minutes too, just FYI.

Do you have any suggestions for me to try anything?

Thanks! -Psycho

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#1 August 23rd 2017, 00:49
Hi Psychopomp,

We are aware of these pairing issues, and are in the process of implementing an update to fix these as well as improve the quality of the server experience. One workaround you can try until we finish the update would be to quit the Chrome extension and reopen continually until it pairs. Don't worry, it won't stop the pairing progress. For some reason there's a problem with the Chrome client itself.


#2 August 23rd 2017, 03:21
Okay awesome. I will do that. Thanks for the quick response!

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