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#0 September 15th 2017, 12:23

USB controller not recognised

I can see my usb controller in my own window, but not in "snoost" window, and so it's not recognised in my game. It's a standard usb HID controller.

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Game reviewer
#1 October 6th 2017, 04:09
It's working now?

#2 October 6th 2017, 15:31

I last checked 3 weeks ago, it wasn't working :/

#3 October 8th 2017, 02:06
Hi there,

Are you using any specific software with your controller?

#4 October 8th 2017, 09:07
@Curivity no, it's a standard usb hid controller, window recognised it automatically when I plugged it

#5 October 9th 2017, 04:57
Hmm, let me talk to our software developers and see what this could be.

#6 October 9th 2017, 18:42
I checked with the developers, and they told me in theory most controllers should work, but officially we've only added full support for Xbox controllers and Playstation controllers, and some other HID gamepads. We will work to add full support for more controllers in the future. In the meantime, try to use the aforementioned controllers until we can add more.

Showing 1-6 of 6 comments