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#0 July 3rd 2017, 11:03

WebGL not supported on my Mac

Hello, WebGL does not seem to be supported on my Mac, anyway that i can i join snoost since i can't install the extension?

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#1 July 3rd 2017, 11:06
@RiverJumper Welcome! :) Which Mac do you have? Then we will check it out.

#2 July 3rd 2017, 11:08
MacBook Pro (13-inch, Late 2011), thanks for the welcome message :)

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#3 July 3rd 2017, 11:23
@RiverJumper Awesome - We'll get ahold of such as MacBook, and see if we can identify the issue. :)

In the meantime, could I ask you to try this out? One of our developers at the office says he had a similar problem with a MacBook Air and fixed it by enabling "Use hardware acceleration when available" in the Chrome settings (for some reason, this is not always on by default). Apparently it is a somewhat known issue with older computers running Google Chrome.

  • Type chrome://settings/ in the address bar (or open the Settings tab) in Chrome
  • Expand "Advanced" and scroll down to the "System" panel
  • Enable the checkbox for "Use hardware acceleration when available."
  • Restart Chrome, and let us know if it helped resolve the issue :)
I hope it works and you can get into the cloud gaming server without problems. If not, please rest assured that we are doing what we can to investigate it, and find a solution.

#4 July 3rd 2017, 11:30
thank you for the answer :) , i found a solution, here it is :

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#5 July 3rd 2017, 11:36
I've just wasted my 3 free days on fixing this problem though.....

#6 July 3rd 2017, 11:54
thank you for the answer :) , i found a solution, here it is : - RiverJumper
Thanks for listening the solution that helped you here. Regarding the trial, please check your e-mail ;-)

Showing 1-6 of 6 comments