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#0 July 14th, 16:32

Why do i sometime connect to central europe and sometime to west?

I have less latency when connected to central europe.

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#1 July 19th, 11:08
The client tests the current latency and determines which server to connect to, based on several factors, including latency, server availability, capacity, traffic and network load in the specific locations. This ensures that you will always be connected to the cloud gaming server and region which can provide the best possible experience for you at that particular moment.

We are always working to improve the service, and are already testing some new integrations which - when ready - will address some of these issues, including overall latency improvements, and thus make the experience smoother. Any feedback is of course highly appreciated, as it really helps us to enhance the functionality. Thanks! :-)

Showing 1-1 of 1 comments