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#0 November 18th 2017, 05:01

Windows cursor getting stuck in windows screen

I have been enjoying Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds. The problem occurred when I booted up the rig and clicked the windows home screen, the cursor would get stuck or when I would move it, it would snap back to that same position and not allow me to navigate windows. I assume that when I start up the rig, I would get steam to pop up on its own asking me to enter my username and password like when you boot up a usual computer. It seems like the rig I use isn’t a fresh boot up, much like it has been used and never been turned off. I tried to close the task manager and close windows and reopen and reconnect, but that seems to not work. The cursor keeps snapping back to a position that I have not chosen so it is hard to navigate windows. I would like to mention that I am using the free trial as well. Any ideas on what I can do to fix the cursor stuttering and snapping back?

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#1 November 18th 2017, 05:11
To add to my initial post, I am using a Windows PC. I use a laptop with a mouse connected via USB. When I navigate my mouse in my regular own windows it works fine but when I navigate the windows in the rig, the cursor keeps moving back to the original position it was, like i would move the cursor from the center of the screen to the right, initially it would work but after a second it would go back to the center, not allowing me to navigate anything.

#2 November 22nd 2017, 00:05
I have been waiting for a response for a couple days now and my trial has ended. Snoost really needs to up their game, this is unfortunate. With this service, no one is going to be satisfied and use snoost.

#3 November 22nd 2017, 06:48
Hi Trichloride,

Sorry about our delays in responding to this issue. I haven't seen this one before and it is very peculiar. I will get in touch with the developers and see if we can set you up with an extended trial and potential fixes. Please bear with us.

#4 November 26th 2017, 13:43
Having the same problem myself with the mouse it keeps jumping back and it's pretty frustrating as it makes navigating windows pretty difficult

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