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#0 March 29th, 16:02

Wrong Plan, money back scam?


this is absolutly redicilous, what's going on here. They ended the alpha so bad, that new users can't even cancel their trial.

Anyway, my problem is, I cancled my trial, because I chose the HD Plan. And my users said, that they still got charged for the trial.

So I canceled the trial, bought the 480p plan again and started playing. Everything went "fine". So many problems starting.

So, after end alpha, I can't accest to my account or achievements. Achievements keeps popping up and I can't do nothing. I want to claim my free week and so on, but no.

AND HERE IS MY BIG PROBLEM I noticed today that I can choose the hd plan too. Then I clicked to check on full hd. and it said, "Upgrade for 12$ to FULL HD", "Current Plan: HD".

ARE YOU SERIOUS? I ended my trial, chose extra 480p plan, and just played on 480p, nevery played on hd, cause I thought, maybe it a bug, I won't choose HD, maybe I get charged. NOW I HAVE HD PLAN, WOW, I bought on the website 480p

If I get 25$ charged off my card, I will go to my dad (hes a lawyer lol) and report it. Alone that users that are new, can't cancel their trial is a scam. And their customer support is terrible. Lets see, I just wrote a email, they claim it takes less than 24h.

If they don't charge me 12$ instead of 25$, I'm reporting this!


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#1 March 29th, 17:28
Sorry, But you'll probably won't get a response hear because they just made a customer support update

#2 March 29th, 18:18
I know, I wrote them a email few hours ago

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#3 March 29th, 21:42
Oh okay, just checking

Game reviewer
#4 March 31st, 19:57
@Bleazy Did you get a reply from the team concerning this issue? I am in the same boat as everyone else here and I really hope that the team will make some form of update as to why we can't access the billing page.

#5 April 1st, 10:03
No reply at at all, have been waiting for 3 days. On the Website they say "in 24h" for a reply. Instead of 12$ I am paying now 25$. Nice scam

#6 April 5th, 19:19
UPDATE: Still no reply! Going to my dad, cause he's a lawyer lol

Showing 1-6 of 6 comments