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By , January 9th, 22:46

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A Hat in Time,

A Hat in Time is a 3D Jump n, Run inspired by games like Mario Sunshine and Donkey Kong 64.
Here's my review in the game

The Gameplay is very simple, you can Jump, double Jump and dive in the air. The controls are responsive and I had no problems with the key layout.
The **camera** was good Most of the time. It only rarely messed up my jumps. Even thought, it lets you see things you should not be able to see.
The graphics are nothing amazing but still look quite nice in some places in the game and it also runs not bad, but I had graphical bugs that lead to pixelated blue and yellow textures and bugs with shadows (on specific settings).
Overall, this game has **many**, really obvious bugs, which is one of my Main issues with this game. This makes it feel like an **unfinished** indie game. Many things are just the developers beeing too lazy to implement or remove certain things, while still making many small, yet nice details.
It overall feels very, very similuar to Mario Sunshine. Even having some levels that are much like Levels of Mario Sunshine.
The characters aren't very memorable, maybe some of them, but most not. The Ideas implemented in the games are innovative and good and with some changes this game can be much more enjoyable.