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By , March 18th, 10:46

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Carmageddon: Reincarnation

Hello there,
finally I have had chance to try this game thanks to Snoost server. I was a big fan of Carmageddon 1 and 2, this was my most memorable game from my childhood, I could enjoy it for many many hours and still got plenty of fun. It is because in Carmageddon, you never know what you come into next. It is real open world with lot of power ups and interesting locations, you can get almost everywhere you like. If you are bored racing on the road, you can find a way up to the buildings, jump from one roof to another and unveil hidden power ups or just enjoy the route you just thought up. For me, the best thing in the game is its physics. Smashng opponets is real fun, you can damage them almost every way you like, smash them, use power up, drive them to the pole or on the mine that is creeping somewhere by the road. The damage model is real masterpiece and enviroment is vastly interactive. The goal og the game is to finish the race by making all the laps, smashing all opponents or driving over all pedestrians. For me, the destructional way was the most satisfying and also could get the most money out of it. I havent much time to try the new version of Camrageddon for a longer ride. But what I see, is that physics are still on the top of todays standarts, what I miss is the bleak postapocalyptic atmosphere from the first game, paradoxically fog and dull graphics made this game look like real marciless game :)