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By , February 4th, 06:53

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When it comes to RTS and myself, my only strategy is build base, build massive army of the strongest units, right click inside the enemys base, game over. I found in Company Of Heroes that' is was constantly trying new ways to play, actually using strategy instead of overpowering the enemy. Yes, i could send a handful of Shermans under artillery fire into an unsuspecting enemy base, but i found it far less enjoyable then acutally taking the enemy on in a more personal manor. your squads use cover, or build their own (trenches), fortify houses, etc. but when you can directly and enjoyable control the soldiers to throw grenades to flush out enemys, hide behind tanks from enemy fire, surpress units so that a friendly squad can rush them from the side, it makes it so much more of a victory. Id literally had beaten some Skirmish matches with only a few units, moving my tank around a battlefield dodging other tanks, getting that sweet spot in the rear for an easy kill , followed by mechanics and a sniper, etc. It makes victory so much better. Sound, superb, graphics, every explosion looks, well, like an explosion. Soldiers banter back and forth as they wait, checking their weapons, clothes etc, once a shot rings out, or incoming salbo, all hell breaks loose, the yelling swearing, fearful caution on moving ahead or hiding in a house, etc, it just looks , and sounds amazing. Honestly one of my favorite small details was simply a tank round being deflected of another tank and sent off course. love love love this game,