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Play "Counter-Strike 1.6" on any computer via cloud gaming on Snoost, which works on Linux, Chromebooks, MacBooks and Windows PCs.

By , January 31st, 00:52

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best vintage fps game ever made.

I have played this game for about 6 years now and it never gets old, its the greatest online multiplayer ever in my opinion. This game is absolutely addicting and more original than anything I've ever played. Hell even the user created game modes and maps are great. The maps cs_assault and de_dust 1 and 2 are classics. Every video game developer should look to Counter-Strike as an example when making a multiplayer. The game has so much variety, it can be ridiculously difficult it just depends on who you're playing with, the players are a******* that are in your face and the fact that anyone can chat by just hitting "y" makes the game and trash-talking even better. I'm not goin to lie, I love trash-talkin especially when I'm on a roll which happens often if I've been playing steadily. Once I get back into the game which usually takes about 1 second, then I'm addicted for weeks to months to years. I have played 1000 hours of Counter-Strike and I still love it! I honestly can't say enough about this game except that it is the greatest online multiplayer game ever made and one of the greatest video games of all time!