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By , October 13th, 02:28

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Deus Ex: Consistency Divided

I'm not sure where to start. You see, the game itself is not bad at all, as in my opinion the gameplay itself has been refined from it's predecessor, and the new mechanics like overclocked augs are a welcome addition. Story wise, however, the game falls flat, which is a deception because these games are well known to have a big level of storytelling and world building. Following the events from Human Revolution, Jensen continues his task to uncover who is pulling the threads behind all the chaos in the world. At first the game gets a steady pace, and the excitement seems to build up nicely, with a very detailed world and lore to flesh out even. But as you reach the "end" of the game, suddenly you get a massive disappointment from the fact that the developers decided to divide the game in two halves, and somehow decided to never release the second one. That, unfortunately, rendered this game that could have been rest, into a disappointing remnant of corporative greed from the publishers.