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Play "Mass Effect" on any computer via cloud gaming on Snoost, which works on Linux, Chromebooks, MacBooks and Windows PCs.


By , March 9th, 18:34

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Great game!

I'd had some kind of belief that Mass Effect wasn't quite as good a franchise, despite everyone saying that they were all great. After perhaps 3 years of postponing it (mainly playing usual RPGs in medieval times or so like Skyrim) I decided to try it. I immediately regretted all the years I had spent not playing it. The storyline was amazing, my weak PC handled it rather well, with a few stutters here and there but overall nice performance. The graphics were not bad at all, and the gameplay mechanics were awesome. The only thing I didn' t quite like was that you couldn't keep playing the game after completing the final mission. So, to sum up, it is indeed an awesome game which everyone should try.