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Play "Mirror's Edge Catalyst" on any computer via cloud gaming on Snoost, which works on Linux, Chromebooks, MacBooks and Windows PCs.


By , October 29th 2017, 14:18

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cool game

Faith's iconic red shoes run across the shiny rooftops of Glass. She's ducking under pipes, jumping over fences and dodging KrugSec guards while maintaining full speed. The red smokey line in front of her suggests that we continue through the red door, but we know a shortcut. With a few acrobatic moves we're on the side of the building, jumping from pole to pole. Five... four... will we make it? Three... two... one. We cross the finish line in record time, but only by a few milliseconds. The old ticker is beating like crazy, and we're panting as if we were the ones doing the running. Now, on to new adventures!