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Path of Exile Review

Absolutely destroys any ARPG competition.

This is a game of investment. It really pays off the more you put into it.

+Skill system
+Item system
+Passive skill tree (even though it's intimidating at first)
+Currency is actually functional and not an arbitrary number
+Player trading which is entire player driven with a non-restricted economy
+No P2W (small QoL things like an extra stash tab)

+/-Takes time to get to a truly powerful point
+/-Sometimes you hit a frustrating difficulty wall but thats not typically the game - it's you or your character.
+/-Endgame can get repetitive, but that's subjective and it IS an ARPG. Nowhere near as dull as other ARPG endagmes.
+/-Learning curve can be steep.

Best ARPG to date with flavors of D2, Titan Quest, Dungeon Siege and its own uniqueness.

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Great Game and 3.0 release

The game has been improved a lot since the release of 3.0, with both performance enhancements as well as better storyline. Before the storyline was played through 3 times once for each difficulty this has been improved to be one storyline now instead of the same 3 times.