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By , September 25th 2017, 15:40

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Great Puzzle/Programming game

Zach Barth of Zachtronics, who is previously responsible for games like SpaceChem and Infinifactory and who is also definitely a robot, unfurled his new electronics-em-ep this month. In SHENZHEN I/O you play an expert who emigrates to China to work for Longteng Electronics Co. Ltd. That means you’ll be building circuits, wiring microprocessors and writing bits of code for a range of increasingly unusual and complicated devices. But you’ll also be learning about your co-workers and delving into an unnerving industrial future that probably already exists.

To boil it all down, though, it is a flashier and more human take on the puzzles of TIS-100, which was dubbed by its creator as “the assembly language programming game you never asked for.” In a lot of ways, this is that game’s spiritual successor – the Dark Souls to TIS’ Demons. Once again you are twiddling with the fine details of tiny machines and once again there’s a story bubbling underneath it all. But this time it looks like something you might be able to understand. At least, that’s how it has been for me so far. It should be noted though, that I haven’t seen even half of the puzzles yet. This is because I write words for a living – words like “circumnavigate” and “banjaxed”. It takes a lot of brainspace to store these words, and even more to make up new ones, like “brainspace”. As a result, I have forgotten how to order numbers in a sequence. A delight then, that I am still very much enjoying this game.