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By , February 10th, 03:21

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Arcade-Style Surfing Game

After a very long time without a surfing game, this game came out. I played it for a while and here are some things that you should know before buying this game. First of all this is not a "realistic" game like skate 3, If you are looking for a surfing game like that you should look at the Quantum Engine Surfing Simulator. But if you are looking for an old arcade style feel game like a tony hawk game or kelly slater pro surf game, you have come to the right place. Ill be going over some pros, cons, and suggestions for the Developers.


Arcade Syle Gameplay,
Tons of customizable options
Good Graphics


Never Updated
Feels kinda like you arn't playing, I know its arcady but gameplay could use some work
Feels pointless, not really any progression system, besides unlocking patterns, especially on the online mode, could use a level system where you unlock different tricks as you progress instead of just handing the player everything on launch.
Controls are pretty bad and hard to learn, (you dont even need a mouse to play, its all keyboard) but once you get used to them its fine.

Overall, this is a good game and if you are a fan of surfing games and the arcade style feel I think that you would like it. I think that everyone should play the demo and see what they think before buying to though. Thanks Climax Studios for ressurecting surfing games. I just think that yours could use some improvements. Which leads me to reccomending this game.