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By , October 30th, 18:58

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An epic ending of truly great line of games in Witcher universe

Game is just an astounding piece of work - sounds simply but it is a plain fact.

Lovers of Andjey Sapkowski novels and stories will find here a breathtaking saga end that will fit perfectly in the universe created in the books.

Fans of two previous Witcher titles will see a leaping evolution of the ideas and concepts that took their hearts in previous games.

Newcomers will be comfortable in the way the story is presented to them so they won't need to go back and play previous Witcher games.

The enormous open world with masterpiece quests or narratives here and there are surely will be enough to entertain player for hundreds of hours.

The game has rather high system requirements in order to support its wide assets array. So if your system won't fit, you have a perfect opportunity to check out Snoost's service to see if it helps you to play it on high settings and not be obliged to invest a lot into PC upgrade - just as was my case.

Have fun!

By , October 21st, 20:12

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Great Graphics

Great atmosphere and graphics makes this a great game. Story is interesting and it is hard to stop playing. It reminds me of games from the 90' atmosphere wise and i small glimpses you get antirely sucked in.