Play "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" on any computer via cloud gaming on Snoost, which works on Linux, Chromebooks, MacBooks and Windows PCs.


By , October 14th, 16:03

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An amazing game

And thats not a fanboy or exaggerated rating
Never played the preceding 2 games.
I was simply looking for an immersive open world game.
Well gents,
Immersive is one huge understatement.
I'll make this short.
I'm highly satisfied with my life. My golden retriever and choco lab give me joy. My wife and kids give me joy. My self-employed status gives me joy.
But this game...
It gave me depression when I finished it.
Not because the game is depressing. But because I lived in its world and I got attached with it. How the game simulates the main characters and your interaction with them, makes this game feel alive. Parting with the world after finishing the game, fucked with my heart and head.
I whole heartedly recommend this game.
I strongly recommend taking anti-depressants when you reach the main quest: Final Preparations. Keep taking them meds for a month unless you want to orphan your family.

By , October 12th, 16:32

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the witcher 3

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt! Huge game world, strong story, 100 hours quests, top graphics and exciting decisions. I can only recommend. The final of the Geralt trilogy fulfills almost all expectations..

By , October 8th, 20:58

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pretty good for a cloud service

for a cloud gaming service the witcher played pretty good there was some delays on the movement controls but other than that the game played like a charm even the grapichs where pretty good and i dont even have that fast a internet connection if i had im sure the movement issue would be gone so GREAT job for a cloud based gaming