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By , October 11th, 07:22

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Rainbow Six Siege almost perfect

This game is the evolution of CounterStrike. The tactical level of the game comes in three stages: operator selection, pre-mission setup, and execution.

Operators have a limited arsenal and special weapon/ability that allows for a well prepared team to setup their plan(s) around. For example, a high roaming team on defense may opt to have valkarie, an operative with a strong SMG and camera deployables, Jager, an operative with the only defensive rifle option and deployable anti-grenade equipment, and Bandit, an operative who excels in rapidly moving around the map with decent arms and batteries to defend against offensive operative weaponry. The same team could instead choose a heavy tanking option by choosing operatives with much more armor, Rook, whom increases the armor of teammates, and bunker down in a single room or two. The offensive options range from operatives who destroy enemy cover to operatives who prefer long range or disorienting techniques.

The pre-mission phase is 90 seconds of time to set up barricades, defensive deployables and move around the map to your positions. Simultaniously the attacking team uses remote drones to try to observe the defensive positioning.

The execution is done similar to CS:GO, with one huge difference... almost all floors and walls are destructable. By understanding the maps and using your tactical tools to your advantage, tactics is often more important than the player's ability to play FPS games.

For me, the tactics involved in R6S make this game the next evolution of competitive FPS, and the standard by which future games aught to be. The few cons are as follows:
Limited single player - playing alone gets boring quickly as there are only 10 scenarios and terrorist hunts available.
Unlocking system - for a player starting fresh, you have very limited access to operators for the first 20 hours or so of gaming. You can pay for early access to operators, but for this review I am evaluating as a person who wants to pay once for a game, not purchase ingame content.