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Play "Tyranny" on any computer via cloud gaming on Snoost, which works on Linux, Chromebooks, MacBooks and Windows PCs.


By , October 28th 2017, 21:55

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Masterpiece for RPG lovers

Where to begin? The game gives you a lot of freedom with what you want to do with yourself, there is a story per say but how you take part is up to you. Imagine this - A great overlord has taken over most the land with only a corner left he sends his 3 most trusted generals and you are one of the fatebinders under the control of the Archon of Justice, one of the generals. And from there you can do whatever you want, follow the path of anarchy by joining the Scarlet Chorus, or go even further a rebel the overlord and join up with the people you were meant to be subdueing. And etc, so many choices, now anyone with any RPG experience will be used to the xp system and skills, there's a wide variety of weapons but the magic system is on another level entirely. Throughout the game you can collect fragments of magic symbols and you can combine these to create magic spells just right for you. There's so much to explore and do, that's why I would recommend anyone with the time to play this game!