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Play "Wakfu" on any computer via cloud gaming on Snoost, which works on Linux, Chromebooks, MacBooks and Windows PCs.


By , January 12th, 11:06

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Great MMO Clicker

Great MMO Clicker, I highly recommend this if your looking for a relaxing but still challenging game. Beautiful graphics, very fun but serious story line, an ok class system, and most of all, friendly player base. It's not hard at all to join a guild, players manage the ecosystem, politics, and economy, and they do it well. It is not a pay to win, but pay to play is available. I never used the p2p but I certainly would if I didn't have bills to pay!

Although it is a major improvment from Dofus, there are a few bugs that can interfere and hurt your experience on the game. The game is java based and the game client tends to leak memory causing your game to lag or "stall out" and even disconnect you. Some players can take the game too serious and PWN players that just unlocked pvp or players that forgot to turn off their pvp. The reason I make that point is because the players that PWN are not just PKing but are rude and nasty.

One last thing, the story is not complete and continues with updates every 4 or 5 months from what I have seen. I consider it an up and a down; It keeps you coming back, but who likes a cliffhanger.