Updated Saturday the 18th of August

Snoost servers are distributed across various regions to cover as much as possible, each region with a number of datacenter locations.

Region Locations
Central Europe 2 Locations
West Europe 3 Locations
East US 4 Locations
West US 5 Locations

The cloud gaming servers are powerful GPUs which can run most games on high graphics, and there are no differences from one region to another. If a datacenter location is loaded with heavy traffic, the user(s) will automatically be connected to the nearest secure datacenter to ensure service uptime.

You can check the status of the various regions, to see if your location is currently experiencing interruptions.

Your location missing? - Let us know!

Do you feel like you are missing out and that Snoost should be offered in your region as well? We would love to hear from you. Please contact out customer support to let us know.

By making us aware that there is an interest in getting cloud gaming to your region, we will have a stronger argument in doing so and will debate our options internally, and hopefully be able to make Snoost availability in your location in the future.