We believe in the principle of 'try it before you buy it', and therefore we strongly urge you to try out our free cloud gaming trial. We currently offer a free 3 day trial period in order for users to try out Snoost's cloud gaming experience before perhaps deciding to subscribe.

During the free tria, you will be able to try out the many advantages of cloud gaming and you will have all the privileges of a subscribed user. These privileges, among others, give you:

  • Unlimited game time. We don't believe that subscriptions should put a limit on the hours a subscriber can use the cloud rig, so during the trial you will be able to play all you want - just as any subsribed user.
  • The option to freely switch between our three plans in order to determine which of the three plans that gives you an optimal cloud gaming experience.
  • You will be able to play any game you own digitally.

The trial is a great tool to determine if your internet can run cloud gaming and which of the plans you want to subscribe to. Since each plan offers different visual quality, there will be different requirements for your internet connection

You can sign up for the free trial here to get started immediately.

Anyone with a valid e-mail address and credit card[^1] may gain unlimited access to Snoost and all available features during the trial period as long as the requirements are met by your cloud rig and your own local computer.

[^1] The reason you will be asked to register your credit card is due to fraud prevention. During the trial, you can remove your credit card information at any point and still finish the trial without losing any privileges. . Do note, however, that you will be billed if you do not remove your credit card information.

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