Cloud gaming works by letting your computer stream the screen of another computer, in this case, a powerful computer provided externally by our cloud infrastructure provider(s). These servers run the game for you, which is why your own local PC hardware specifications are not relevant and only require your computer that supports hardware decoding, which is not a problem for almost all modern PCs.

Your computer is not doing the actual work; you are merely receiving a video stream from another computer running the game. Since you are interactively streaming from an external server, this means that a solid internet connection is the only requirement along with a Google Chrome Browser for Snoost to work on your computer.

An old PC is able stream Full HD as well as a new one because it merely uses the internet to project a picture that it would not have the capability to render itself. However, in the case of cloud gaming, the difference is that you are streaming interactively and thus also need to send input signals from your keyboard and mouse. If you move the mouse, the server projects that you moving your mouse. Therefore another computer is doing the actual processing and you are merely seeing a video of you moving the mouse on another computer. This interactive stream demands more from your internet, which is why we recommend a good and stable internet connection in order to run Snoost.

Snoost offers three different plans with varying quality and demands on internet connection, so we encourage you to try out our free trial in order to determine your experience with Snoost.

If you are interested in a more thorough explanation as to how cloud gaming works, you can check out chapter 1 of our comprehensive guide to cloud gaming.

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