To make cloud gaming as convenient and scalable as possible, and to provide the best possible coverage, we don't rely on a single cloud infrastructure provider. Therefore, you may sometimes see hardware changes if we spot an opportunity to upgrade either capacity or performance in your region, however changes will always reflect extremely high standards for performance GPUs1 and will always be optimised for high-quality interactive video game streaming through Snoost's software, and will always prioritise solid internet connections2, which allows you to download and install games extremely fast.

You may also see changes if our cloud infrastructure provider decides to upgrade their own hardware, which will benefit all of our users as the upgrades will roll out over time.

To stay updated on hardware changes you can follow our news section or official blog.

We only partner with leaders in cloud infrastructure services, and it is therefore completely safe to assume that any contemporary game can be run smoothly - and your local computer and internet connection meets the minimum requirements.

We recommend that you make use of our free trial period in order to determine your experience with Snoost.

  1. Our current default cloud gaming servers are built on Nvidia GRID K520 GPUs as well as Intel Xeon E5-2670 Processors. 

  2. The servers are connected to a solid network with 1,000 Mbit/s download speed, so setup and download time is reduced drastically

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