By default most games will work with Snoost on your cloud rig without any issues, as the cloud server simply runs Windows and has the hardware to run the majority of modern games in the world on high graphics. There are always a number of steps you can take to ensure optimal performance for your game. However, as can happen with any PC, some games may be poorly optimised and have difficulty running at maximum settings, or possess other quirks that reduce performance on the computer.

Before proceeding, please make sure that you meet the minimum internet recommendations and that it is not an issue related to your internet connection or download speed.

Common quirks with games include, but aren't limited to, unable to select correct resolution or refresh rate, game inaccurately identifies certain hardware (such as GPU, graphics card etc.), hardware cursor gets turned on or off or is unable to change. To fix any of these issues, we highly recommend seeking advice at the particular game publisher's forums or support1, as these issues are likely related to the game itself and not your cloud rig on Snoost.

To try out certain solutions, you might need to configure some settings on the remote desktop, after signing in on the client2.

For issues with specific games we recommend first searching the official Snoost community, but should you be unable to find an answer you are more than welcome to contact support with the issue. Your issues concern us, as we are interested in all the feedback and troubleshooting we can get.

  1. Discussion forums for games are typically available directly through the Steam community, or on the publisher's official website. 

  2. For instance, many Bethesda games (such as Fallout 4 and Elder Scrolls: Skyrim) have preset limits on certain resolutions, and you will have to configure the games' files on the remote desktop accordingly to force the desired changes. 

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