Since Snoost automatically optimizes performance for your computer, any non-optimal performance are most likely with the game you are playing or your own internet connection.

There are several reasons that the video from the stream may not be sharp or smooth. If you feel the picture is not sharp enough, start by checking if you are streaming in a resolution optimal for your screen size[^1]. If the problem on the other hand is gradual pixelation and lagging, please see some of the potential causes below, and read about how to enhance the performance to optimise the experience in the best way possible.

  • Make that your internet connection meets the recommended speed for the plan you are currently running. You can test your current interneed speed by signing in at Snoost and using our native speed test in the top left corner of the user interface.
  • You can always check the region status to see if your location is currently busy, or experiencing network interference, high traffic or other problems that might affect the server availability or reachability.
  • Switching to a lower quality plan will lower resolution and might be able to help the issue, or you can try to adjust the in-game settings. Both might be able to enhance performance.
  • If the image is not necessarily "sharp enough", make sure that the game's in-game resolution is set to the same as that of the streaming resolution. For instance, if you are streaming at HD quality (on the HD plan), go to your game's settings and make sure the resolution is set to 1280 x 720.

Also note that although your internet connection might be fast enough on paper, some routers may still add delay or in other ways slow down the network performance, especially when on Wifi. Therefore it's highly advised to test your router setup to check if the issue lies there.

[^1] Read our blog post on the relationship between resolution, pixelation and screen sizes.

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