When Snoost has been given a request to launch your cloud gaming computer, a range of setup procedures will be executed. These tasks include network configuration1, installing security patches2 to keep your account safe, as well as retrieving your saved game data securely from the cloud.

The time it takes to launch your Rig will therefore vary depending on how much game data you have stored on Snoost. For most games, this takes a mere 2-5 minutes, but some (larger) games may give the Rig a startup time of 8-9 minutes or more. If you want your rig to start up faster, you can uninstall games you are not currently using. You do not lose saved games and should you wish to play the game at a later date you can re-download it in a matter of minutes through your Steam account on your cloud gaming server.

  1. The network setup ensures that your PC is able to connect to your cloud gaming server through a secure VPN connection and configures the bitrate, throughput and bandwidth settings accordingly. 

  2. Your rig automatically gets updated on a weekly basis, when new security patches are available, and applies these updates automatically on each startup. This is typically completed in less than 30 seconds, and is carried out in parallel with other automatic tasks during setup/launch of your Rig. 

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