Most games bought on Steam utilises the built-in cloud based savegame system, which synchronises your savegames with your Steam account so that they are accessible anywhere, thus completely neglecting the need for manually backing up your savegames. However, for games which don't use the Steam Cloud Snoost backs up all the data stored in the documents folder and AppData/LocalLow/ on the c drive of your cloud rig, which will then be available between sessions. Beware though that there is no guarantee that the files will always be correctly backed up, for instance in the case of unexpected shutdown, maintenance or network failures, and it is recommended to consider other backup solutions as well1.

  1. For games that only support offline savegames you may take advantage of backup solutions - such as Dropbox or Google Drive - to ensure reliable backup of your savegames, by connecting it to the specific savegame folder in documents or AppData/LocalLow depending on what the game utilises to store savegame data. 

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