In order to play games via Snoost on your cloud rig, you just need a solid internet connection and the only other requirement is our Google Chrome extension to connect your local computer to your cloud rig.

To install a game, the process is the same as it would be for your own computer. Nowadays, most people buy games directly from the Steam store1, activate bought product keys2 from any legitimate third-party reseller or simply use a stand-alone installer downloaded from the internet. Since you have access to a full desktop on your cloud rig, you are able to install almost any game the same way you would if it was your own computer. Remember that all games must be installed to the D drive since this is the only full disk drive that will be backed up and synchronised across the datacenters.

The Steam client is not a requirement and you can still play non-Steam games on your cloud rig by downloading the game's installer on the Windows desktop (which is accessed by clicking the "Windows" app).

Since you have to own the game digitally, you will need to download the games before playing them. While this might take a while on your own computer, the games will typically be downloaded in a matter of minutes on your cloud rig due to Snoost's cloud servers running on high performance 1,000 Mbit/s network connections.

After the game has completed downloading, you are ready to start playing the game by simply clicking the game after logging into your account and starting up your gaming rig.

  1. How to buy a game through Steam: (external link) 

  2. How to activate a product key on Steam: (external link) 

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