Since Snoost automatically optimizes performance for your computer, any non-optimal performance are most likely with the game you are playing or your own internet connection.

If it is your internet connection, you can always try to switch to a lower quality plan for a temporary time to see if that improves performance.

Sometimes it can be the settings of the game you are playing, and then there is a number of tweaks you can apply in order to enhance your Snoost cloud gaming experience.

Adjust game video settings

If you still have issues or feel the performance of the game is either lagging or in other ways not smooth enough, it is of course always a great idea to investigate the particular game's video/graphic settings. Changing a few things like resolution, Vsync, antialiasing etc. may often produce great results on the performance and smoothness. This is especially typical for games which might not have been optimised thoroughly1 (yet), such as games that are still in development.

Limit resolution

If you are positive that your internet is running at a sufficient speed and you are still experiencing performance issues it might be because the game is running in a non-compatible resolution. Also consider changing between the different available quality settings (such as SD, HD and Full HD) as other settings may result in a smoother experience. For instance, there is absolutely no reason to stream a Full HD signal to a 12-inch laptop screen, especially if you feel it has a negative impact on the performance.

  1. A game's performance is not necessarily dependent on its hardware demands. Although not always the case, some new, high-demanding games might run much more smoothly than old ones, due to better optimisation of the game itself, such as the graphics engine(s) it might be using etc. 

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