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In its current state, Elite: Dangerous is already the best, in my opinion, open-universe space simulator. Classic spaaaaa~ce activities that you can dive in - mining, trading, bounty hunting, pirating - are complemented by somewhat new features that many space simulator fans have been waiting for a long time - almost seamless landing on full scale planets, exploring their surfaces in a buggy-like vehicle, and of course, exploring countless star systems in a truly vast galaxy with authentic structure, based on our real, observed Milky Way galaxy. When something new is found in the real world, soon enough it is added on the map of the E:D. Graphics are on par with most recent games, on maximum settings the game looks truly astonishing and realistic. On the other side of things, the game is not extremely demanding on system requirements - on minimum settings you can run the game even on a laptop with integrated graphics card, providing you have enough RAM and at least a mediocre dual-core processor. Elite:Dangerous has pretty extensive in-game lore, almost every station in human-inhabited part of the galaxy (the so-known "Bubble") has a background story written to it, and the game is sometimes full of mystery, things that noone yet discovered, like unknown artifacts that you can find, and then pop up in the game "news" that you were the first to discover something really cool. There are even aliens now, the so called Thargoids - mysterious race of unknown origin and unknown intentions, and the coolest thing is - the game actually evolves its tech and lore to know more about them or to be able to fight them, when players discover certain tech/artifacts somewhere in the galaxy. This way, players are directly affecting the game development in certain aspects. And more than that - the game is still in development, and in time, truly marvelous future awaits anyone who decides to dive this world of space fantasy. Landing on planets with atmosphere and life and even earth-like planets, teaming up with other players in big guild-like groups with ability to buy a big flipping fleet carrier for this group, and even finally getting out of your ship and walking around, that is what awaits us in future updates of this masterpiece. Only giving 4,5 and not 5 stars because Elite is still lacking some features that would make it a TRUE masterpiece, for instance, I play this game because I always wanted to take a huge endless exploration trip on a galaxy. A little disappointing thing that I found out though, is that most unexplored systems are basically the same, you simply scan the system with a big scanner, you see a planet worth a surface scan - get close, hover nearby for a little, finish the scan and move on. Next planet, next system, rince, repeat. What I really would like to see (except, of course, landing and flying around on atmospheric, water and earth-like worlds), is when you jump to a system and do a global scan of it, you would like a random chance of some interest point appearing somewhere in the system, whether it being some ancient ruins, or a pilot in distress asking to pick him up, or whatever else might come in mind (maybe not exact coordinates, that would be too easy, but instead something like "go to this planet/place in the system and look at it really closely, there is something interesting/fishy there"). Anyway, as for now, I would recommend this game to anyone who likes space and everything/anything about it. It IS already really good and more or less polished game, and will become better and more mature with time, there's no doubt about it.

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